In this adventure, Bear Scouts will get a little messy but gain a lot of knowledge! Science is an everyday wonder that Scouts can learn more about by simply using ordinary household supplies. Their actions will create amazing reactions in fun investigations exploring static electricity, oil and water, sinking versus floating, and color morphing and layering.


  • Following directions
  • Introduction to the scientific method
  • Learning the scientific law of action and reaction
  • Finding new ways to be creative

ADVENTURE REQUIREMENTS (Bear Handbook, page 266)

  1. Make static electricity by rubbing a balloon or a plastic or rubber comb on a fleece blanket or wool sweater. Explain what you learned.
  2. Conduct a balloon or other static electricity investigation that demonstrates properties of static electricity. Explain what you learned.
  3. Conduct one other static electricity investigation. Explain what you learned.
  4. Do a sink-or-float investigation. Explain what you learned.
  5. Do a color-morphing investigation. Explain what you learned.
  6. Do a color-layering investigation. Explain what you learned.


Encourage the boys throughout this adventure to explore the “why” questions in each experiment: Why does static electricity happen? Why do colors separate? Why did our prediction come true? Why did it not come true?

Meeting 3 will be a den outing to a science lab, science museum, or school to learn more about static electricity as well as density and buoyancy. Identify a location well in advance of the outing and make arrangements with the staff member in charge. Confirm plans with families, including place, time, and transportation. Make sure a tour and activity plan has been submitted, if required, and activity consent forms are signed, distributed, and collected.

This adventure also supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities in local schools.

See the Appendix for optional den meeting activities, including openings, gatherings, and closings.


To get you started in delivering fun and engaging meetings, complete Den Meeting Plans are available here on the Learning Library for the Backyard Jungle and Games Tigers Play adventures. To obtain Den Meeting Plans for all other adventures, Den Leader Guides are available at your local Scout Shop, online at scoutstuff.org, or as an eBook through Amazon.

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