Rationale for Adventure

This adventure will help Tigers learn about the mysterious night sky.

Takeaways for Cub Scouts

  • Practicing observation and listening skills
  • Increasing confidence
  • Developing the ability to speak in front of a group
  • Following instructions
  • Working as a team
  • Taking care of the environment
  • A Scout is reverent. [Tiger Character Compass]

Adventure Requirements (Tiger Handbook, page 188)

  1. With your den or adult partner, go outside to observe the night sky. Talk about objects you see or might see.
  2. Look at a distant object through a telescope or binoculars. Show how to focus the device you chose.
  3. Observe in the sky or select from a book or chart two constellations that are easy to see in the night sky. With your adult partner, find out the names of the stars that make up the constellation and how the constellation got its name. Share what you found with your den.
  4. Create and name your own constellation. Share your constellation with your den.
  5. Create a homemade constellation.
  6. Find out about two different jobs related to astronomy. Share this information with your den.
  7. Find out about two astronauts who were Scouts when they were younger. Share what you learned with your den.
  8. With your den or family, visit a planetarium, observatory, science museum, astronomy club, or college or high school astronomy teacher. Before you go, write down questions you might want to ask. Share what you learned.


The Meeting 2 Plan includes a night hike to observe the night sky. This activity could take place during Meeting 2 or at home with Tigers and adult partners.

Tigers will have a Do-at-Home Project between Meeting 2 and Meeting 3 to complete requirement 4.

Meeting 3 will be an outing to a planetarium, science museum, or other institution where Tigers can learn about the stars from an expert. In advance of the outing, the leader will need to make arrangements with the outing location and confirm the outing plan with families, including transportation and any additional items they need to bring. Make sure a tour and activity plan has been submitted, if required, and activity consent forms are distributed, signed, and collected.

See the Appendix for optional den meeting activities, including openings, gatherings, and closings.


To get you started in delivering fun and engaging meetings, complete Den Meeting Plans are available here on the Learning Library for the Backyard Jungle and Games Tigers Play adventures. To obtain Den Meeting Plans for all other adventures, Den Leader Guides are available at your local Scout Shop, online at scoutstuff.org, or as an eBook through Amazon.

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