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Advancement is one of the methods we use to achieve Scouting’s aims and its desired outcomes. As boys earn the ranks of Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and the Arrow of Light, they achieve important goals in developing skills and favorable dispositions related to personal fitness, good character, participatory citizenship, outdoor skills and awareness, and leadership development. Each level of the program from Tiger to Arrow of Light is designed to achieve these goals through a series of developmentally-appropriate and fun adventures.


No boy wants to wait several months to be recognized for his hard work. The Cub Scout program recognizes completion of intermediate steps leading to rank advancement by awarding an immediate recognition device.

Advancement gives boys a means of measuring their progress. Credit is given to the Cub Scout for each requirement when the adult partner (Tigers), den leader, and/or Webelos adventure pin counselor is satisfied that the boy has done his best.

Ensuring that boys are recognized immediately and publicly for their efforts is an important part of the advancement process. No boy should have to wait for more than two weeks to receive a device and be recognized for his accomplishments. Your pack may approach this in a variety of ways:

  • The den leader may provide the recognition device (a pin for boys working on Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures or an adventure loop for boys working on Tiger, Wolf, and Bear adventures) at the final meeting when the Cub Scouts complete the adventure. At the following pack meeting, the boys would then receive a certificate during a brief ceremony. (Full-size and pocket certificates are available from your local Scout shop.)
  • The pack may provide certificates for den leaders to award when the boys complete the adventure and then present the adventure loops and pins at the next pack meeting. Packs are encouraged to find a method that works well for the boys in the pack, guided by principles that recognition is both immediate to encourage the boys and public to celebrate their success.

Advancement provides a satisfying means of recognizing boys for their progress. Boys have a ladder to climb, with recognition at each step. Presenting awards to boys in meaningful ceremonies to recognize their accomplishments is a principle of advancement. Advancement is not competition among boys. Each Cub Scout is encouraged to advance steadily and purposefully, setting his own goals with guidance from his family and leaders. Measurement for satisfying requirements is “Do Your Best,” and that level can be different for each boy.


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