We live in an electronic world. This adventure gives Wolf Scouts the chance to rely on the power in their own bodies by blowing air, throwing planes, or using rubber bands. They will have the chance to explore propulsion in its most basic form. Motor Away, Wolves!


  • Learning to follow instructions
  • Exploring how the tension in a rubber band affects propulsion
  • Seeing if shape matters in a sail
  • The value of cooperation
  • Deductive reasoning
  • A Scout is courteous. [Wolf Character Compass]

ADVENTURE REQUIREMENTS (Wolf Handbook, page 266)

  1. Do the following:
    a. Create and fly three different types of paper airplanes. Before launching them, record which one you believe will travel the farthest and what property of the plane leads you to make that prediction.
    b. Make a paper airplane catapult. Before launching a plane, record how far you believe it will travel and explain what information you used to make this prediction. After you make your prediction, launch the plane and measure how far it flies.
  2. Make two different boats and sail them.
  3. Create a car that moves under its own power.


In Den Meeting 2, Scouts will create boats made from recycled materials. Collect a variety of recycled materials in advance of Meeting 2, and request that Scouts also plan to collect and bring materials for the boats to ensure a good variety.

This adventure does not include plans for a den outing. If desired, an outing could be planned to an appropriate location where Scouts could explore movement in planes, boats, or cars. In advance of the outing, the leader will need to make arrangements with the outing location and confirm the outing plan with families, including transportation and any additional items they need to bring. Make sure a tour and activity plan has been submitted and activity consent forms are distributed and signed.

See the Appendix for optional den meeting activities, including openings, gatherings, and closings.


To get you started in delivering fun and engaging meetings, complete Den Meeting Plans are available here on the Learning Library for the Backyard Jungle and Games Tigers Play adventures. To obtain Den Meeting Plans for all other adventures, Den Leader Guides are available at your local Scout Shop, online at scoutstuff.org, or as an eBook through Amazon.

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