In this adventure, Bears will learn about a game that has entertained people since the time of ancient Egypt and has been an important part of Scouting since its early days. They will experience individual competition and teamwork, helping others, learning rules, and being a good sport.


  • Using observation and listening skills
  • Following instructions
  • Working as a team
  • Developing creativity
  • Living the Scout Oath and Scout Law
  • Helping others
  • Practicing sportsmanship
  • A Scout is friendly. [Bear Character Compass]

ADVENTURE REQUIREMENTS (Bear Handbook, page 218)

  1. Discuss with your family and den the history of marbles, such as where and when the game began. Talk about the different sizes of marbles and what they are made of and used for.
  2. Learn about three different marble games, and learn to play the marble game “ringer.” Learn how to keep score. Learn and follow the rules of the game. Play the game with your family, friends, or your den.
  3. Learn four or five words that are used when talking about marbles. Tell what each of the words means and how it relates to playing marbles. Share this information with your den.
  4. With the help of an adult, make a marble bag to hold marbles.
  5. With your den or family, make a marble obstacle course or marble golf course. Share what you create. Invite everyone to go through your course.
  6. Create your own game using marbles, and design rules for playing the game. Share the game you created with your den, family, or friends. Explain the rules and how to play the game.
  7. With your den or family, create a marble race track. Have at least two lanes so you can race your favorite marbles against each other.
  8. Make a marble maze.


Prior to Meeting 1, ask boys to bring in a box lid for the marble maze activity. Most of the requirements for this adventure can be done with the den, but Bears will need to complete requirement 6 (creating a game using marbles) at home following Meeting 1. Bears will bring their games to Meeting 2 to share with the den.


To get you started in delivering fun and engaging meetings, complete Den Meeting Plans are available here on the Learning Library for the Backyard Jungle and Games Tigers Play adventures. To obtain Den Meeting Plans for all other adventures, Den Leader Guides are available at your local Scout Shop, online at scoutstuff.org, or as an eBook through Amazon.

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