Den yells help build den spirit and enthusiasm and also can help boys let off steam at den and pack meetings.

Den yells are usually simple and rhythmic and often end on a word or phrase that the boys can shout. You can adapt many high school and college cheers for den yells. When the boys help develop the den yell, they feel it is “theirs” and will enjoy using it even more. Here are some sample den yells:

Den 1! Den 1!
Is there a better den? None!
What den has the most fun? One!
Den 1! Den 1!

We’ll do our best for the gold and blue!
We ARE the best! Den 2! Den 2!

We’re the Cub Scouts from Den 3,
and no Cubs could be prouder!
If you can’t hear us now, we’ll yell a little louder!
(Repeat twice, louder each time.)

One, two, three, four,
Which den do you cheer for?

Which den can you hear more?
Den 4! Den 4! Den 4!

Which den is really alive?
Which den has all the drive?
Den 5! Den 5!

We’re the den that is alive!
We’re the den that has the drive!
Den 5! Den 5!

The den that’s best for you and me!
Watch us go and you will see!
It’s T-H-R-E-E!
Den 3! Den 3!

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