Den flags are simple flags that represent each den and give den members a sense of camaraderie and identification. The flag is blue and yellow with the den number on it. Den flags are available from the BSA Supply Division. The flag may go home with a different boy after each meeting or may be the responsibility of the denner for the month. The flag should be brought to each pack meeting and mark the place where the den sits.


DenFlagsMake bases from wood or from a two-pound coffee can filled with plaster, as shown. Cover the end of the flagpole with aluminum foil and grease with a thick layer of petroleum jelly so it will slip out easily after the plaster hardens. Or use a piece of PVC pipe that has an opening slightly larger than the diameter of the flagpole. Cover the bottom end of the PVC with foil and set it into the wet plaster. It should stick several inches out of the plaster. When dry, the pole will slip easily into the PVC pipe.

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