After a boy has completed all the requirements for the Tiger rank, he should receive the Tiger badge from his adult partner at the next pack meeting. This is an important milestone, so the ceremony should be suitably impressive. The Tiger badge is sewn on the left pocket of the uniform shirt in the bottom position.

A Scout may complete as many elective adventures as his ambition and time available allow. He is entitled to wear each of the adventure loops he earns on his official Cub Scout belt.

Icon Planning Your Meetings

As you plan your den’s program for the year, there are a few important points to consider.

  • Required adventures. These adventures are required to advance from rank to rank.
  • Elective adventures. These add to the fun and adventure of Cub Scouting. One elective adventure is required to earn the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear ranks. Two are required to earn the Webelos rank, and three are required for boys to earn the Arrow of Light rank.
  • Coordinating your planning. Some of the adventures require coordination with other dens. A pack meeting is an ideal place to do this. There are some suggestions made in the Cub Scout Leader Book, but however your dens and pack wish to do this, work together with the other leaders in your pack to build this into your annual program. When working out your annual program plan, seek to deliver an entire year of fun programming. It is important to seek input from the Cub Scouts in the den to find out which adventures they would like to explore with the members of the den. Elective adventures that are not selected may be earned by boys at home, working with their families.
  • Audience for requirements. Many of the requirements state that a Scout should demonstrate a new skill or share something they have learned with other boys during a den meeting. We all need to recognize that not all Scouts are able to make each meeting. While we recognize that the best approach is to carry out sharing tasks in a den setting, it may be necessary to allow Cub Scouts to share what they have learned while working on Cub Scout advancement requirements in other settings, such as in front of their family.
  • The duty to God adventures are primarily done with the family and, for some dens, may not be included as part of the den meeting planning. If that is the case, notify families that they will need to help their Cub Scout complete the adventure at home. See page 28 for more information regarding the duty to God adventures.

Read through the Tiger adventures, and give some thought to which adventures will work the best for your location and climate. Write in the adventures you will use and the corresponding month that will work best. Check with your Cubmaster to see if some adventures need to be coordinated with other dens or for upcoming pack meetings.

Important: When planning, keep in mind that six required adventures and one elective adventure are required for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear advancement. The Webelos rank requires five required adventures and two elective adventures. The Arrow of Light rank requires four required adventures and three elective adventures. When planning your annual program, keep those advancement requirements in mind. Rank adventures can be awarded at any time within the boy’s rank year by age or grade. Once a boy has moved (graduated) to his next level den, HE MAY NOT EARN THE RANK OF HIS PREVIOUS DEN LEVEL.

Den Annual Adventure Plan


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