This STEM-based adventure helps Wolves explore basic aspects of air—often an overlooked substance. Then they discover some of the many things that air can do for us.


  • Experiments
  • Easy yet fun activities
  • Creativity
  • A Scout is obedient. [Wolf Character Compass]

ADVENTURE REQUIREMENTS (Wolf Handbook, page 140)

  1. Do the following investigations:
    a. Conduct an investigation about the weight of air.
    b. Conduct an investigation about air temperature.
    c. Conduct at least one of the following investigations to see how air affects different objects:
    i. Make a paper airplane and fly it five times. Make a change to its shape to help it fly farther. Try it at least five times.
    ii. Make a balloon-powered sled or a balloon-powered boat. Test your sled or boat with larger and smaller balloons.
    iii. Bounce a basketball that doesn’t have enough air in it. Then bounce it when it has the right amount of air in it. Do each 10 times. Describe how the balls bounce differently when the amount of air changes.
    iv. Roll a tire or ball that doesn’t have enough air in it, and then roll it again with the right amount of air. Describe differences in how they move.
  2. Do the following:
    a. With other members of your den, go outside and record the sounds you hear. Identify which of these sounds is the result of moving air.
    b. Create a musical wind instrument, and play it as part of a den band.
    c. With an adult, conduct an investigation on how speed can affect sound.
  3. Do the following:
    a. Explain the rules for safely flying kites.
    b. Make a kite using household materials.
  4. With your family, den, or pack, participate in a kite derby, space derby, or raingutter regatta. Explain how air helps the vehicle move.


Requirement 4 is for Wolf Scouts to participate in a kite derby, space derby, or raingutter regtta. The event can occur as part of a district event or as a smaller activity for the den and families at the end of Meeting 3. If the event will be an outing or special event at a location other than the den’s regular meeting place, the leader will need to make arrangements with the outing location and obtain necessary permits far in advance and confirm plans with families, including the event rules, plans for inclement weather, transportation, and any additional items they need to bring. Make sure a tour and activity plan has been submitted, if required, and activity consent forms are distributed, signed and collected.

See the Appendix for optional den meeting activities, including openings, gatherings, and closings.


To get you started in delivering fun and engaging meetings, complete Den Meeting Plans are available here on the Learning Library for the Backyard Jungle and Games Tigers Play adventures. To obtain Den Meeting Plans for all other adventures, Den Leader Guides are available at your local Scout Shop, online at scoutstuff.org, or as an eBook through Amazon.

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