7 Great Scouting Images by “America’s Illustrator”

March 1, 2015

Spring is in our sights, and depending on where you live, it might even be in the air. But we wanted to give February one final farewell. At least for 2015.

Our Heritage - Norman Rockwell

Our Heritage – Norman Rockwell

February is an important month in Scouting. With the anniversary of the Scouting movement in February, we quickly get swept away with all the excitement of Blue and Gold banquets, Scout Sunday/Scout Friday preparations, Founders’ Day activities, and even national holidays like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents’ Day/Washington’s Birthday.

Beyond the Easel

Beyond the Easel – Norman Rockwell

All of this makes February one of our very favorite times of the year. But there is another birthday we celebrate in February. The man who captured the spirit of Scouting on his painted canvass. That’s right, America’s favorite illustrator, Norman Rockwell himself, was born in February.

Homecoming - Norman Rockwell

Homecoming – Norman Rockwell

What make’s Rockwell’s paintings on the Scouting experience so unique and widely appreciated are the ways in which he captures the jubilant and light-natured experience of growing up in Scouting…

Forward America - Norman Rockwell

Forward America – Norman Rockwell

…While also highlighting the symbolism of the spirit and power of what Scouting can do for an individual and for the country.

I Will Do My Best - Norman Rockwell

On My Honor – Norman Rockwell

This past week as we had a group of Scouts representing the BSA in Washington, D.C. to present the Report to the Nation, we are reminded of that symbolism, and the importance of Scouting to our great land and country.

Can't Wait - Norman Rockwell

Can’t Wait – Norman Rockwell

If you ever have the chance to visit the Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas (and we give it our highest recommendation!) you’d find a wonderful collection and exhibition of Norman Rockwell’s Scouting-themed paintings.

Do you have a favorite Norman Rockwell painting? Let us know in the comments below.