Cub Scouts are awesome.

History. Tradition. Adventure. Get more involved with your kids
in a way that puts the fun first. Find a pack near you.

  • pic1

    This is the cub scouts

    It’s like play with a purpose, but better.
    Kids here do their best and have fun doing it!

  • pic2

    If the uniform seems big at first, don’t worry.

    They grow into it, literally and otherwise.
    Cub Scouts grow in more ways than one.

  • Cub Scouts was founded on the
    tradition of having a blast.

    The things Cub Scouts do are the things kids love.


  • pic4

    The Cub Scout sign shows everyone they’re listening.

    Also, kids think it’s cool. We do, too.

  • pic5

    Do Your Best.

    That’s the Cub Scout motto. Kids are pretty amazed at what they can achieve when they try, but we knew they could do it all along.

  • A Scout is clean, but isn’t afraid to get dirty.

    Cub Scouts are active. They get elbows deep in projects and games. That’s as it should be.


  • pic7


    There’s a lot of play,
    but we do other things, too.
    Important things.

  • pic8

    Mostly, this is about having fun.

    Cub Scouts get a chance to try things and see places that they normally wouldn’t. Always a good thing.

  • Cub Scouts are prepared in a way
    that other kids just aren’t.

    The whole program is full of skills that help kids learn to be prepared.


  • pic10

    Cub Scouts is fun,
    but it’s not always easy.

    The program is meant to challenge kids to do their best. They’ll learn a lot about themselves along the way.

  • pic11

    The Cub Scout helps the Pack go, and the Pack helps the Cub Scout grow.

    There’s strength in numbers, and Cub Scout Packs that get outside together always have a good time.

  • Kids want to do their best.

    The Cub Scouts gives them every opportunity to learn and grow.
    It’s educational. It’s healthy. It’s fun. You should try it.